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Free Fashion Doll Coat Hangers


Works with doll Armoire pattern in the pattern book section of this website!



Pattern shown in 7 and 10 mesh plastic canvas.


Scrap Canvas


Various Size Needles (depends on canvas size used)



Cut each hanger according to graphs using your choice of canvas size and color. For thickness and strength you can work two pieces together. Use 4 ply yarn for 7 mesh canvas, and embroidery floss or 2ply yarn (or split 4 ply to make 2 ply) for 10 mesh canvas. When using 2 cut pieces for each hanger, hold pieces together evenly back to back, use overcast stitch around the outside edges. You can fill the center in with tent stitch if you choose. For a single thickness simply cut out and use.


Note from fellow needle pointer- Traci said- If you don't cut out the center it works better for heavier doll clothing like denim.


Coat Hangers about:

2 5/8 inch by 2inches- 7 Mesh

Almost 2 inches-10 Mesh


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